The best practices listed below are programs, projects, or strategies that provincial and territorial governments, as well as Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, have selected as ones that show success in Aboriginal education and can benefit jurisdictions and organizations in improving Aboriginal education in their communities. These best practices were chosen with a view to facilitate their adaptation and implementation in a wide range of communities.

Please note that all best practices on this site were submitted in November 2007 and approved by Ministers in February 2008; updates to information found below are therefore required.

For additional information, visit the Martin Aboriginal Education Initiative’s Promising Practices in Aboriginal Education Web site. The link to the Promising Practices site is provided for information purposes. It does not constitute an endorsement by CMEC.




 Title          Jurisdiction     Theme      Level 
Aboriginal Academic Achievement (AAA) Grant  MB Government and board policies   K-12 
Aboriginal Apprenticeship Program  MB Transitions and linkages   Postsecondary 
Aboriginal Apprenticeship Program  AB Transitions and linkages   Postsecondary 
Aboriginal Club  NB Community-based practices   K-12 
Aboriginal Education Advisory Councils  MB Community-based practices   K-12 and Postsecondary 
Aboriginal Education Enhancement Agreements  BC Community-based practices   K-12 
Aboriginal Education Research Forum  MB Government and board policies   K-12 and Postsecondary 
Aboriginal Education Research Network  SK Government and board policies   K-12 
Aboriginal Language and Culture Based Education Directive  NT Government and board policies   K-12 
Aboriginal Language Curriculum Development  SK Curriculum/Materials   K-12 
Aboriginal Language Teacher Trainee Fund  YK Teacher training programs   Adult Learning 
Aboriginal Languages Curriculum  MB Curriculum/Materials   K-12 
Aboriginal Lesson Plan Resource Guide  NL Curriculum/Materials   K-12 
Aboriginal Liaison Officer  MB Transitions and linkages   Transitions 
Aboriginal Liaison/Consultant  MB Transitions and linkages   Postsecondary 
Aboriginal Post Secondary Education Forum  BC Government and board policies   Postsecondary 
Aboriginal Report – How are we doing?  BC Government and board policies   K-12 
Aboriginal Sensitive Curriculum  AB Curriculum/Materials   Postsecondary 
Aboriginal Social Studies Curriculum Development  MB Curriculum/Materials   K-12 
Aboriginal Special Projects Fund  BC Community-based practices   Postsecondary 
Aboriginal Studies 10/20/30  AB Curriculum/Materials   K-12 
Aboriginal Teacher Education Programs  AB Teacher training programs   Postsecondary 
Aboriginal Teachers Education Consortium  INAC Teacher training programs   K-12 
Aboriginal Transitions  AB Transitions and linkages   Postsecondary 
Aboriginal Youth Internship Program  MB Transitions and linkages   Transitions 
ACCESS Programs  MB Organizational/Structural   Postsecondary 
Adult Learning Centres  MB Government and board policies   Adult Learning 
Ages & Stages in Arviat  IKU NU Assessment   Early Childhood 
Alternative Education  PE Organizational/Structural   K-12 
Aulajaaqtut  IKU NU Curriculum/Materials   K-12 
British Columbia First Nations Coordinator Council  BC Community-based practices   Postsecondary 
Building Student Success with Aboriginal Parents Fund  MB Community-based practices   K-12 
CAMET Aboriginal Social Studies  PE Curriculum/Materials   K-12 
CATEP - COPSE  MB Teacher training programs   Postsecondary 
Circle of Hope  PE Classroom-based practices   K-12 
Community Home School Liaisons  NL Community-based practices   K-12 
Community Schools Program  SK Government and board policies   K-12 
Conflict Resolution Studies  PE Community-based practices   Adult Learning 
Consultation Practices: A Learning Alberta and Building and Educating Tomorrow’s Workforce  AB Government and board policies   Postsecondary 
Credenda Virtual High School  INAC Classroom-based practices   K-12 
Cultural Connections  NL Curriculum/Materials   K-12 
Dene Drumming Activities  NT Culture and language   K-12 
Dene Kede Curriculum  NT Curriculum/Materials   K-12 
Development of Innu Curriculum  NL Curriculum/Materials   K-12 
Education for Teenage Parents  PE Government and board policies   K-12 
Eel Ground First Nation School  NB Curriculum/Materials   K-12 
Elders and Curriculum  NU Curriculum/Materials   K-12 
Elders in the Schools Program  YK Teacher training programs   Adult Learning 
Enhanced Community-Based Access  AB Community-based practices   Postsecondary 
Equity Program  PE Transitions and linkages   K-12 
First Nations Celebration Week  NB Community-based practices   K-12 
First Nations Curriculum Development  YK Curriculum/Materials   K-12 
First Nations Education Steering Committee  BC Community-based practices   Postsecondary 
First Nations Literacy Training  NB Curriculum/Materials   K-12 
First Nations, Métis and Inuit (FNMI) Curriculum Infusion  AB Curriculum/Materials   K-12 
First Voices Aboriginal Languages Project  YK Curriculum/Materials   K-12 
Foundational Learning – Aboriginal Literacy Initiatives  AB Community-based practices   Postsecondary 
Gabriel Dumont Institute  SK Organizational/Structural   Adult Learning 
Heritage Week  NB Community-based practices   K-12 
High School Native Studies Classes  SK Curriculum/Materials   K-12 
Home Tutor Program  YK Community-based practices   K-12 
Honour Ceremony for Aboriginal Graduates  NT Community-based practices   K-12 
Igniting the Power Within  MB Transitions and linkages   Transitions 
Individual Learning Centre  YK Community-based practices   K-12 
Integrated Nursing Access Program  NL Curriculum/Materials   Postsecondary 
Local Aboriginal Studies Course  PE Curriculum/Materials   K-12 
Master Apprenticeship Program  YK Community-based practices   K-12 
Medicine Wheel Systems  NB Integrated learning   K-12 
Memorandum of Understanding with Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations  SK Government and board policies   K-12 
Mi’kmaq Social Studies  NL Curriculum/Materials   K-12 
Mi’kmaq Transition to High School  PE Transitions and linkages   K-12 
Millennium Manitoba Opportunities Grant  MB Government and board policies   Postsecondary 
Murdo Scribe Centre: IN the Community FOR the Community  MB Transitions and linkages   Transitions 
Native Awareness  NB Community-based practices   K-12 
NCSIS  IKU NU Assessment   Adult Learning 
Needs Based Financial Assistance for Students  MB Government and board policies   Postsecondary 
New Paths Teacher Assistants  NB Curriculum/Materials   K-12 
New Teacher Orientation  YK Teacher training programs   Adult Learning 
Northwest Nations Education Council (NNEC)  INAC Organizational/Structural   K-12 
Nuiyak School, Sanikiluaq, Nunavut  IKU NU Curriculum/Materials   K-12 
Nunavut Adult Learning Strategy  IKU NU Government and board policies   Adult Learning 
Nunavut Teacher Education Program  IKU NU Teacher training programs   Postsecondary 
Overview of Manitoba Aboriginal Education Policies and Initiatives  MB Government and board policies   K-12 and Postsecondary 
Partners for Careers Program  MB Transitions and linkages   Transitions 
Post secondary success for Aboriginal Learners (MOU)  BC Government and board policies   Postsecondary 
Professional Improvement Day  NT Teacher training programs   K-12 
Reading Recovery Program  YK Classroom-based practices   K-12 
Restoring the Sacred  MB Community-based practices   K-12 
Sakewew High School  SK Organizational/Structural   K-12 
Specialization in Aboriginal Education – University of Prince Edward Island  PE Teacher training programs   Postsecondary 
Stein Valley Nlakapamux School Language and Culture Project  INAC Culture and language   K-12 
STEP – Student Employment Hiring Policy  MB Transitions and linkages   Transitions 
Sunchild E-Learning Program  INAC Classroom-based practices   K-12 and Postsecondary 
Support for Aboriginal Post-Secondary Institutions  AB Organizational/Structural   Postsecondary 
Teacher Education Programs  SK Teacher training programs   Postsecondary 
Teacher Training  NT Teacher training programs   Postsecondary 
Teaching Treaties in the Classroom  SK Curriculum/Materials   K-12 
Teen Parent Program  YK Community-based practices   K-12 
The Gift of Language and Culture  INAC Culture and language   K-12 
Transition to University Program  PE Transitions and linkages   Postsecondary 
Treaty 6: Data Management System for Special Education  INAC Organizational/Structural   K-12 
Treaty Four Indicators Document  INAC Organizational/Structural   K-12 
Tripartite Framework Agreement  INAC Government and board policies   K-12 
University College of the North (UCN)  MB Government and board policies   Postsecondary 
Urban Circle Training Centre  MB Curriculum/Materials   Adult Learning 
Vocational Training Centre  INAC Curriculum/Materials   K-12 
Welcoming Atmosphere  PE Classroom-based practices   K-12 
Youth Re-engagement Programming  MB Transitions and linkages   Transitions 
Yukon First Nation Education Advisory Committee  YK Government and board policies   K-12 

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